State of the Revival

Story of Revival.

21 years ago.  Contract for revival.  Unpleasantness in soul.  Getting back from Japan “keep praying the date is almost set”.  “The Date is set”.  Sometimes when we are emotionally invested in something it is hard to hear clearly God’s voice on the thing.  Meeting Paul Anderson.  Communitas time.  Seed of revival, huge roots and big grove of trees.

Evidence of Revival

  1. Many of us are on fire.  Small desire increasing.  Hunger in individuals.
  2. Increasing of the manifest presence of God.  Glory of God.
  3. Prophetic words.  Not as much the Supernatural Power.  Expect it.  Do not stop praying for the miraculous healing.
  4. More people on fire.  The lost will come to Christ.

What do we do?

  1. Pray like we have never prayed before.
  2. Repent of sins.
  3. Press in.