Introduction and Explanation of the Gift of Praying in Tongues

Paul Anderson gives a message on the gifts of tongues. He gives some excellent perspective on how the gift is to be sought out (not just ‘tolerated’ – 1 Cor 14:1), God’s generosity in giving it, and how it is to be used (1 Cor 13).  He also addresses some of the questions regarding tongues as well as the way it has been misused.  He also explains a bit of why his theology is that if you have asked for the gift of tongues, you have it. He ends the message by giving some practical advice on how to start speaking in tongues.  We have a part to play.  For the most part, God won’t sovereignly move our tongue.  Like the other gifts there is an aspect of faith.  We have to ‘step out of the b0at’ and begin.  A great message for anyone wanting to understand more about the gift of tongues or take a step out and begin walking in it.

Below are 3 articles from Paul on the gift of tongues:

About Tongues

The Gift of Tongues – Available to All

How to Receive the Gift of Tongues