How to hear from God

Is there anyone I need to forgive?

What wounds on my heart do You want to heal?

Who would You like me to invest time into this week?

What are You trying to teach me in this season of life?

How do You want me to spend my times with You this week?

How do You want to bless me tonight?

What spiritual gifts do You want me to eagerly desire right now?


Which of these five aspects of my relationship with You are You wanting to relate to me in right now?





Almighty God


What ministry activities are You putting in my path right now?

What questions do You want me to be asking You these days?

Is there anything else You want to say to me right now?


If God is speaking to me now, what might He be saying to me?


1. Judge a tree by its fruit.

2. Does it glorify Christ?

3. Does it agree with the Bible?

4. Does it produce freedom or bondage?

5. Does it seem right to the Holy Spirit within you?

6. Does the word prove to be true?

7. Not all words are from God.