Who We Are

Commmunitas is a young adult church in Roseville MN. It is part of Harvest Communities, a network of ministries that also includes Lydia House Church and a discipleship school called The Harvest Project. Our Pastor, Paul Anderson and his wife Karen, are answering the call of God to raise up and release young adults into their God-appointed destiny. Their obedience has resulted in the wonderful community that we have today.

Here at Communitas we are all about relationships, both with God and each other. Therefore, cultivating an environment of love and care is paramount to our mission. Although we are a church, Communitas is filled with many young adults who are in periods of transition. Whether going to or leaving college, joining the work force, seeking the call of the Lord on their lives, or entering into marriage, Communitas has been a place discipleship, equipping, pastoral care and healing for many. All are welcome!

Worship is simply expressing our adoration of God, for God; and it is one of the main reasons we come together. Psalm 22:3 says that “he inhabits our praise,” and we have cultivated an atmosphere for encountering God through worship.

We have multiple worship teams and encourage others to get involved by utilizing their God-given talents. Our worship teams lead the body into a heart of worship, where we are free to follow the Spirit of truth.

Teaching is a means by which we equip people for life with God. Imparting wisdom and knowledge in an accessible and practical way is essential for our community. We see great growth as we respond communally to the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We are blessed to have individuals from both inside and outside of our community teach on Thursday nights. We endeavor to preach the truth found in the scriptures and to be led by the Holy Spirit. We give speaking opportunities to those God is calling into leadership.

Prayer is basically communicating with God, and it is through this connection that God moves in and through us. Everything we do revolves around this continual connection with God. As co-laborers with Christ, it is essential that we come to know His heart so we can reflect it to the world around us.

Prayer is at the foundation of our ministry as God directs our thoughts, interactions, and purpose. Our individual and corporate prayer ministry includes the laying on of hands. We believe that prayer ministry is meant to encourage and build up the body.

The Holy Spirit is alive and active today! Communitas is a place for people from all backgrounds to learn about and encounter the Holy Spirit in a safe environment. We seek to simplify the gifts of the Spirit so that we will all have the confidence to step out in faith. At the same time, we desire to create an atmosphere of powerful encounter and activation. We welcome questions and want to help people come into a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship. As Paul Anderson says, ‘If I can do it, you can do it.’ We are an equipping ministry, and focus heavily on training young adults to walk out their destiny. Everyone is capable of hearing God’s voice, praying for others, and taking risks for the Kingdom. We are committed to train people to do just that.

We offer opportunities to be involved with small groups and encourage everyone to have a spiritual mentor. Discipleship is about relationships, and we will help you get connected!

Ministry and Service. We provide opportunities for people to get connected in ministry and service opportunities throughout the metro area. This includes our new initiative in Frogtown, where we have partnered with John Tolo to spread the good news of Jesus. As an equipping ministry, we are dedicated to sending people out both locally and internationally.

Fellowship. Although our Thursday nights have time set aside to spend with one another, there are other groups and events centered on community building and having fun! We encourage everyone to be involved in fellowship events.