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Get a mentor. How to get one? Ask. Find someone you want to be like and ask him/her. Ask your pastor to help you. Mentors look out for you, pray for you, encourage & exhort you. Elisha had Elijah, Joshua had Moses, Timothy had Paul. Whom do you have? If you ask, seek, and knock, you will get one. Worth going after.


Join a small group. Many options to choose from. Discipleship doesn’t happen in the large meeting. Join the women Wednesday night.  Choose one that is starting at C’tas. Detailed list of groups/times/vision coming soon!


Meet with us when starting a relationship. We want them to be positive and build you up rather than tear you down. Have you had any that tore you down? Most would say yes. We want to help you do them right!


Meet with us one on one. We want to get to know you and help you walk into your God-appointed destiny. We’ll send you some questions then sit down with you. Email us at


Win over sin. Do not give into sin of any kind, whether worry, fear or lust. You may feel like you have battled long enough and just put it in cruise. That is dangerous. You are dead to sin and your friends can help you win every battle.


Be generous with your money. Give to what blesses you.  The early church gave to the local assembly, people in need, and the poor. Jesus said, “Give and it shall be given to you…” Don’t wait until you have a lot. Start building testimonies by faith.


Learn to serve. We made sure that our children were always serving others. I told them, “You are not important—they are. Serve them. Do the dishes; take out the trash; clean the garage.” Kat has difficulty finding committed helpers. Many more people stay and talk than help clean up, so don’t hesitate to jump in when you see a need!